Friday, June 25, 2010

The Bite

People choose different ways of expressing themselves. Some cut themselves off and pretend they are no one, and others choose color. Life is black and white or color. Black and white has it's advantages: You can be anonymous. You can live without intense pain. You can be safe from those preying on whom they believe is weak. On the other pole, you can be transparent, even if the colors are running together and don't make much sense. Ask those who love me, I do not make much sense unless probed.  The question is: Do we choose to live in black and white? Or do we choose to gamble on the color that life, joy, sorrow, death, and joy bring? Life is beautiful. Just watch a birth of a child as they taste air for the first time. We hold them so carefully, rocking them back to sleep...hoping nothing will disturb them. Not yet at least. Life can happen later.  Then there is death, who is beautiful in its own way, even when it is violent and disturbing. We live and we die. This is the nature of being human. We have to go away from here. There must be something better for us to look forward to. If you don't believe that, your life is full of regret and sorrow. Be glad you aren't a queen bee. She does so much work to produce the hive and then she disappears as if she had never been there. However, beware, she can sting as many times as she wants without dying.

What will your legacy be? What will you do to remind the world of your existence?

Life is precious. Never, ever let anyone convince you otherwise. But it is fragile. We bruise easily and walk away wounded. Sometimes our wounds make scars that pester us for our entire lives, sometimes they heal easily. Whatever the bite the world has given, we can overcome. In God, we can overcome.


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