Thursday, May 13, 2010


My postings here will be inconsistent for a while. I have started nursing school in a highly intense accelerated program. I am not wishing to stop pastoring for those asking questions, I am searching for something I can fall back on in case of emergency and also broadening my skill set to serve my God. Things have been busy, but good. I have been feeling OK, but I think that is because I do not have the time or option of thinking about much of anything other than work and school, so I guess this is a welcomed side effect to dreaded school. I hate school.

Here are positives from the past week:
1. I met a couple of guys in my section in school who are pretty cool and will be my study partners and friends throughout the program and maybe longer. One loves to cook and was a former chef turned casino dealer. Today, he made this walnut/pretzel/caramel thing that was really good. The other likes the same kind of excure music I do. That is a blessing because in a female dominated program in a female dominated profession, it is good to have a couple dudes around.
2. I am ahead in my testing.
3. Youth group has been so awesome!
4. Church has also been awesome!



  1. hope nursing school is easier for you than it was for me.

  2. No girls with purple bras...maybe some guys with purple G-Strings?

  3. My friend Brett is going to nursing school. That pretzel thingy sounds really awesome too.

    Oh and LARPing.
    Live Action Role Play.
    You dress up like a warrior and make swords and other weapons. And you battle until a winner is declared. The winner gets..something. a prize. It seems lame but it is so fun. It's like a real life video game..