Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Whatever your views on the Michigan smoking may be, and mine are mixed, I have to enjoy sitting in B-Dubbs working without the stench of flaming lungs revolving around my head. I am more productive sometimes if I can get out of my usual atmosphere and work around people for a change. Visual noise can be very comforting. I put on my headphones and people are quietly bustling around me. Makes me feel alive in the world. At home sitting in front of the same walls I did the night before can be alienating and make you feel like you are on an island. I know some are reading this and you punch a clock every morning and hate having to fight the traffic and all of that other garbage and you hate me for complaining. You are right! I have it made! I remember the days when I would go in to work early in the morning and push that time card through the machine, then stand in front of a press and flip a switch up and down for 8 hours. That wasn't what I always hoped to be doing.

God is doing cool things in me right now.


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