Saturday, May 8, 2010


I look at old people and think about what they were like when they were young. I see these wrinkled, frail people sitting in chairs with wheels staring off and it is hard to picture them as they were. I see pictures of these people and they were beautiful in their youth and it reminds me that beauty is fleeting. Youth doesn't last forever. One day (God willing) I will be in that chair with wheels, staring out some window. I don't care if I can communicate as long as I still have my memories. If I don't have them, someone drop a toaster in my sponge bath please.

Old age seems cruel. I think it is the worst part about the curse of Adam and Eve. I don't think anyone should have to see or feel their bodies degrade slowly. It sucks.

On a positive note: Aevry had a great birthday party today with her girl friends. They went and got their hair and nails done, then went for pizza and a tour of the pizzeria. She played the birthday card for several days and now the time of getting her own way is over. Makes me sad. Not really. I do the same thing. I like to have a birthday week. Not so much anymore (See above paragraph) but I used to. I will post pictures soon, she was so pretty.



  1. My advice for growing old, as I am really getting into it. We are all crumbling, so the trick is to do it nicely. You can't do anything about the outside but for the inside ---read, write, serve others, it will keep ya young. Aevry is so beautiful, and C. too.

  2. I am DREADING aging.