Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Datsun

I used to have this 70's Smurf blue Datsun pick up truck in high school. It was the first car that I had paid for. I think I bought it from my mom for like $100 or something. By the looks of it, you would think that I grossly over paid. The whole drivers side truck bed was made of spray painted cardboard because the rust had eaten away the entire hunk of metal. In the driver's seat, you could touch your foot to the ground while driving if you wanted to. Not sure why anyone would want to do that, but I admit being tempted many times. It was an eye sore and a cop magnet and it let off some of the foulest exhaust ever breathed into the lungs. I think if I actually ever put anything in the bed, it would fall apart. But this thing drove like a steed. It galloped along at any speed I asked of it and never once broke down. I eventually got a little tired of the eye sore and sold it to Will. That was a big mistake because I think that it would have kept hopping along for years to come if it hadn't been totaled first.

That was mostly my fault. The totaling. Will was driving next to me and we were standing at a red light. We were looking at each other as if we were going to race when it greened. I looked forward and hit my gas and then my brake quickly to fake him into believing the light was green. He fell for it. To my horror. I watched another car holding an elderly man smash into the side of the truck in the middle of the intersection, totaling the car and hurting himself. Will was fine, but the old man was on his way to the hospital because he was having chest pains. He didn't even have a license. That was one of the dumbest things I could have done. Will lived on. The old man lived on. The Datsun didn't make it.