Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Death Of America

Guy on Maury: "I am 150% sure, I am not Devin's daddy." "I never even slept with the girl."
Maury: "When it comes to 2 year old Devin, Darryl, you are the father."
Guy: "Oh man, I knew it."
Mother: (Standing in the guys face) "I told you. I told you. What! What!" "Whatchu got to say now?"

This is television. It is hard for me to imagine bringing something so private and important in front of 100 people in a studio, cheering and booing. Millions on TV watching. The camera backstage fixed on the little kid that has no father no matter what happens with the test. This kid will get to watch this episode over and over again and remember being exploited on his worst day in front of everyone. It makes for entertaining TV, but it is a horror show for the kids. It always is a horror show for the kids when an idiot dad takes the ultimate walk of shame. It is pathetic and weak.

What makes a man a man is the way he takes care of his family. In this culture, walking away is encouraged. "Walk away from marriage, the laws make it easy now." "Walk away from the kid, just send the checks, or we can make it easier and take them out of your pay for you, so you don't even have to write that little piece of paper." "If it is hard, just quit." "It isn't cowardice, it is looking out for yourself, being smart." This has been the death of America.

This is why we are falling.


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  1. Yes! Spot on. Absolutely right. True and more true. Exactly. Yes. Yes. Yes.