Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Beauty

Driving on route 62 just inside Arizona, we come upon Rosie's: A small little Indian cafe sitting between 200 hundred miles of desert sand and stone. At Rosie's, they sell gray steak and eggs, and Indian rugs. We sit and eat easy to forget food, and walk along the little sand path through the tarp covered shop that displays knives, honey, leather, and miscellaneous trinkets and ding dads...Nothing a Yankee would ever want to buy. Rosie's is the heart of America. Little business put together by the blood and sweat of real people, not money hungry corporations. So we were honored to eat there. It made me forget for just a few minutes that my life is upside down and sideways. I saw something different in the toothless man that served us our food. Andy ordered a Bartles and James just as a joke and quickly had to rescind when the toothless man began his journey back to the fridge to grab one. We thought wine coolers had gone out of style in the 80's. Not at Rosie's. Not in the desert.

Things are easier there. We drive by the slabs that sit quietly on the side of the road that would later connect us to the Grand Canyon. Across the street is a Family Dollar, which is the trailor community's only source of supplies. We stop to use the bathroom in the most pristine loo I have ever sat in. It was a 5 hour journey, but one that was necessary for all of us. Andy has suffered from the rigors of law school for the past semester and is screaming for a break. Laura and I have been kicked around by the rodeo bull we call death for the past three months. We needed to see a different perspective. Most people would hate this place, but we cherish every second of it and will remember it's warmth forever.

I think when everything is fast we forget to remember that life is short and wonderful at times. There is still beauty left. It isn't all bad, all the time. There are places like Rosie's left all over the place. People life Andy, who I love more than myself. Good people who really care about more than just themselves. This is what I needed to be reminded of. So I head off on a journey into the desert and find the beauty God has always wanted me to notice. The beauty in family and friends, and the beauty in all He has made.


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  1. Poetry. I could read your writing all day long and never get bored.

    I wish Brian and I were with you there. We love places like Rosie's. We have little hole in the wall places all over the country we love to go to.