Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Waving White Flags

Sometimes things don't go as planned. Sometimes when they aren't quite right, we push on with our eyes closed trusting God that the path is clear ahead of us. Sometimes we stall out for a while. Sit and wait for that moment when it all kind of makes sense or at least until we don't have the energy to stay put. 

It's my birthday today. Year 31 was not kind to me. It was a frozen, blistering siege I have been fighting my way out of. Joseph Arthur said "It ain't easier, waking up at dawn to find I've lost my crown. If I found you there with flowers in your hair, I'd hold you in my arms, until you came back down. A smile that explodes, I could never understand." these are my thoughts he wrote down in song. I still wake up with the feeling of loss.

But the question remains: Do we push forward with our eyes closed or stall out. I tried the stalling out. It is only good for a minute. I will push through. 32 doesn't have to be the echo of 31. It can be the time to clean up the wreckage.


-- Sent from my Palm Prē


  1. 31 was not a great one for me either.

    I am sorry. I want to say Happy Birthday, but that doesn't seem appropriate.

    Life is like a giant sucker punch most of the time.

  2. hope today was a happy one for you brothaman. i won't say that it can't get worse, but i will pray that your 32nd will be filled with blessings.