Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I was teaching on Sunday morning at my church when I told a story about my relationship with police officers. My pastor asked me to write about it. So I will today because I am thinking positively today. I have learned to not write about groups of people while I am thinking negatively because it winds up sounding negative, not rocket science I know, but it takes me longer to learn I think.

Cops and I bring balance to each other.
1. I get to keep humble by never becoming rich due to all of the fines.
2. They get to get out of their cars in the rain, keeping them honest.

We sense each others presence. If one is behind me, I feel creepiness at my back and we turn and always make eye contact. Once eye contact is made, it is too late like when you look into the eyes of a vampire. I am hit and going down. Even if I am not driving. Here are my positive and negative experiences with police. Well, I could not ever write all of them because there isn't enough server space on blogger.

I was driving 70 in a 25 mph zone. I was late for my own graduation commencement. The cop came to my door with this look on his face and asked what in the HECK I was driving so fast for. I told him and he gave me a police escort to my graduation at 80 mph.

I was once let off of a ticket because I took out my wallet and put it with my hands on top of the steering wheel for him to easily see. This is a trick my father in law taught me that really does work.

Well, that's about it for the positives. Sorry.

I have been beaten up twice by police officers. Neither of them gave me a ticket, because I was pulled over for no reason except to see what a young kid was doing out late.

I was struck by an suv and the officer refused to make a police report after showing up 45 minutes later.

Because I want to have balance between positive and negative, I will not post any more. But you get my point.

I love cops and understand that there are so many good ones out there that really care and have not been corrupted by the machine yet. I understand the need for order and protection and love that there are police in our society.

However, some of these guys should have never been given guns. Power hungry people should never be given power because that is a recipe for oppression.

Give me your positive and negative police stories.


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  1. A couple cops pulled us over (me & K), asked why I was driving, searched my minivan and patted us down.

    I have lots of tickets. I never got off on any of them. Maybe if I was Italian...

  2. My brother in law is a police officer. He's one of the most awesome people I know. Unfortunately, they're not all my brothers in law.

  3. I used to watch this little girl, who had a 13 year old brother who did not like cops at all. He sang this song, which she would cheerily repeat..."I like bacon, I like pork, watch out Piggies, I've got a fork!"

  4. Positive: I went 7 years without getting pulled over by the fuzz.

    Negative: The first time I did, I got pulled over by three cars at one time.