Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I will kick over an elderly man to avoid waiting one person longer in a line.

That is exaggerated, so please don't send angry comments.

Point is, I hate lines. I just hate them. I hate standing in them. I hate sitting in them. They are THE worst waste of time. You can get nothing productive done waiting in a line for your tags or your sandwich.

I see it this way: Every moment you wait in a line, is a moment cut off of the end of your life. Imagine all of the things that you can do in the golden years of your life if you were given all of your waiting time back. I think of a line as keeping me from saying goodbye to my grandson who lives in Turtle Beach New Hampshire, or keeping me from finishing a really good book you will never finish once you are dead.

I will step from my car and scope out the parking lot looking for any potential racers. I make eye contact with a family of 5 who have just exited their car and are heading for the door, slightly ahead of me. I race in front of them to the door, pretending like I am trying to be really polite and open it for them. I open the door and let the children in, but let go just before the parents so I can make my final dash to the counter.

That's how much I hate lines.


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  1. So you have a touch of macrophobia. Just be glad you don’t have hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia. I hear it’s paralyzing.

  2. Thats to funny! I feel the same way! I would even knock down my own kids just to make sure we get there first!! ok maybe a little exaggerated as well...........i think :)

    p.s. love your blog!

  3. haha!!! im speechless for once! hilarious

  4. What if the line was for something amazing.... like for a concert you always wanted to go to.

    Or what if it was a line waiting to meet Jesus. I would wait on that line for sure.... but that is about the only line worth waiting on.