Thursday, March 11, 2010

Life is...

Unpredictable. But full of predictiable things. That's why we are so easily confused by it. When we have figured something out, we get more questions and things shift like an unnoticed quake beneath our feet. Life seems to let us in on some of it's secrets, and even let's us teach those little things to others...but once pride sets in, we are shaken from beneath and all of the sudden we are upside down. 

Everything in your life and understanding of it can lead us to the most logical answers and directions. We think it must be God. But when did God ever choose the most logical route to anything. He puts the wise to shame with His Son in the form of the common man. He used more unextraordinary men to build His Church.

Sometimes up is down and right is left. He told us not to lean on our own understanding and to follow Him like a child. Faith.

Life is faith.


-- Sent from my Palm Prē


  1. maybe that's my problem. i got a little proud of my own righteousness, and now God is crushing me to death.

    after everything we've gone through and i still haven't learned compassion. what an idiot.

  2. I miss you. Still second guessing I see. You are a smart and honest person, let your words be. You are great.