Sunday, March 14, 2010

How Amazing

Every day the world forgets God's hands can heal. Suffering is life. There is no getting around it. It doesn't matter if you are a dedicated Christian or a pagan nature worshipper. Life is full of disaster and it isn't just because you are being punished. It is because sin killed the world. The world and everything in it, perfect and beautiful, was raped.

God came here to give us hope and healing. Healing in every way...physically, spiritually, and mentally. It is His joy to make us better, to shape us from the clay we have formed into hell. You don't have to look around too long to find out how miserable this world can be. But you also don't have to look too long to see how much of God's Creation still bleeds beauty before us. Most of us have a special place of beauty we retreat to sometimes. This place is usually, at least for me, a place that man cannot ruin or tarnish. It is a place made by God and can't be touched.

We can forget that God is next to us offering healing or we can fall into His arms, it is sometimes our choice. I have learned in my life that I have nothing. I am helpless. I am what Roman's calls an open pit. People can follow me right into it. But God reigns and is faithful...and I am not. Living in grace is difficult because we have a hard time understanding it, knowing ourselves. But it is still true. It is still grace. Whatever you have done...there is healing. If your eyes drop tears that break like glass, you have a reason not to weep over what has been broken. Our brokenness serves to keep us humble and to keep us honest. It serves to show us just how amazing grace really is.


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