Saturday, February 27, 2010

There Go My Heroes

People grow up mimicking their heroes. When I was young I wanted to be Walter Payton, Steve Yzerman, Barry Sanders, and Michael Jordan. Now things have changed. As we grow older we get different role models. As a teenager, mine were Clayton Ring, my youth pastor. Jim Stewart, my friend. And Will. Here are my heroes now.

Laura- She is the wife that I could never have deserved. She cares, protects, and loves me for who I am.

My mother- She raised two fatherless kids on her own, without help from our fathers.

Jo-Ann- She was there for me when I needed more than I had. She lost her son, yet has inspired me to think as God would.

Jim Doederlein (The dad that I didn't have)- He once drove me around and paid all of my fines, so I could have a license again. He paid for my rehearsal dinner like a father would and has always treated me as his son.

Audrey- She has the biggest heart of all. She lets herself love, even when she knows her heart will be broken. This is beautiful and not replaceable.

Joe- He is my brother. We share everything. He my heart even when we don't see eye to eye. He has a loyalty most have no desire to have.

Will- You loved your family. Even when times were hard, you were faithful. You were the man, I wanted to be. I truly looked up to you. You are a huge part of who I am right now.

These are the people God put in my life to save me.


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  1. These are good heroes...better than any superheroes.

  2. i wish i had that many heroes. Lord knows we need them.