Monday, February 1, 2010


Had a rough weekend. Went to the psychiatrist who put me on anti-depressants. They make me feel blank but should last no more than six weeks and should start feeling positive effects in two weeks. Just kind of staring off lately, not much to me right now. I feel sterile, which is no way to live. You can't enjoy life without germs.

Caeden came home from school with this picture above he drew of his uncle Will. Said he cried at school and his teacher suggested drawing it, but was able to calm down by himself which is really good. He is a strong little guy. Perfect to me.

Life is moving fast. It is really hard to keep up at the pace I am currently traveling at, but maybe I don't need to catch up. Maybe simpler and slower is better.


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  1. Caeden has such a sweet heart. I love that kid.

  2. sorry the weekend was so rough, but it was good to see you jammin for the Lamb! LOL

    good song selection too.

  3. Mate if you need the anti depressants don't fear them. I'd love to get off them myself but it is easier said than done.

  4. Caeden's picture + your writings + your beautiful family + people who love you + God + you seeking help = You will get through this! As overpowering as depression is, HOPE and PEACE does come alive again! Trust me!

  5. Love his picture. So sweet. Art is amazing therapy. His teacher was wise to have him draw his feelings.

  6. Years ago I was put on anti-depressants as well...they did me so much good it is unreal, I was on them for about a year, then my Dr. weened me off of them..and I haven't needed them since. Of course I still have down days but nothing I can't handle at the moment. I hope they help you as well.

    That picture is so precious your son is great therapy like writing is for us.