Thursday, February 11, 2010

In Your Freedom

There is a bridge in this cool Hillsong track that says, "In Your freedom, I will live."

For me there aren't any more sincere words of prayer I can utter. These are the words of life in song. Freedom is everything. We fight and die for it. We give our children over to the gun for it. These are inalienable rights given by our God for both His and our delight.

One Friday, a man born in a stable breathed His last and gave up His Spirit to His Father. In doing so, the enemy was defeated. The war was over. We put down our guns and bowed before our fallen and risen King of Creation. This was no ordinary execution, this was eternal life passed to us through the blood and tears of the One Innocent one. This freedom is eternal.

So why do we still live defeated? Why do we take up arms and fight for ourselves? Our defenses stand firm against the defeated. Fighting the good fight isn't about fighting alone with iron and steal, it is about relying wholly on God. That is why God's armor is symbolic of His things, because He is our defense. Some just can't seem to learn to live as free men and women. I am one of them too often.

In Shawshank Redemption, Morgan Freeman gets set free from prison to find out that he has no idea what freedom looks like and how to live as a free man. He has been told when to pee for the whole of his life and now he has a choice in all things. He chooses to hang himself because he can't figure it out. This is a common story for humanity. Last month, Steve Glisan, a writer for, a website fighting the cause of pornography committed suicide. He struggled and lost his family before and was not willing to lose them again, so they lost him. He knew Jesus, but didn't understand what freedom he had. When I say freedom, I don't mean we have the freedom to do whatever we want and not worry about it. I mean, when we mess up and fail a million times, our sin is paid for my Christ for those who have placed their faith in Him. Nothing is stronger than what Jesus did on that cross and nothing can take you from His arms or separate you from His love. When we fail, we feel bad. This is guilt and guilt is good. It is what helps us remember why we shouldn't go on sinning. Then we walk away in repentance, trusting in God for our forgiveness and grace and work on sinning no more. After one who is addicted to sin, sins so many times, they can start believing they are far beyond what Christ did. This is shame and shame is bad. Shame is what causes us to continue sinning because we give up because we are bad. Guilt leads to repentance, and shame leads sin which leads to death. Christ didn't come so you could be ashamed. He came so we could have life and have it to the fullest measure.

On the cross, Jesus used the word TETELESTAI, which means it is finished, or the debt is paid. When Jesus said it is finished, He meant it.

If you struggle, remember that nothing will separate you from the love of God. Remember that Jesus came and died so you can have real life. Get help. Leave your pride at the door and get help. Rely on Christ and those He has put around you for support and do not believe the lie that you are beyond what Christ did. This is living in freedom.

I saw this quote somewhere, but don't know who said it, so cheers to the unknown author. "The religious man fears hell, the Christian walks through it."


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  1. Thank you. I needed to read this. I am struggling right now so much - mostly with bitterness - hatred - anger. And I feel guilty all of the time.

    I also wanted to thank you for your comment on my post about behavior - you were so spot on and really I felt like you were the only person who got what I was trying to say (well and Laura). It can be so hard to write sometimes and have people totally not get you. Which I really should be used to because frankly no one gets me EVER. But, still . I feel like my heart is misunderstood and that hurts. Thank you for getting it. You and Laura. You both mean the world to me. Someday - I plan to give you both hugs IN Person. It maybe heaven - or maybe on earth - I don't know. But, you both are two very special people.

  2. I totally agree about getting published... You need to write a book Adam, the world needs to see your gift as a writer...I would so buy the first copy I could get my hands on!