Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hello! (With Echoes)

Getting tired of the winter. This is the usual occurrence for most people in the midwest, but not for me. I love the winter and I love the snow, it isn't like me to want out of this season. Maybe it is this year's circumstances or maybe it is the medication that is making me want a sunny day, but it would be nice to get one.

However, Laura and I are going to Vegas to visit Andy (Vernon on here) at the end of March so that is something to look forward to, and hopefully Heather and Mike in Texas in the summer. Here's to hoping for a great year. It is weird because I have put all of my goals on hold for the year until now. I am just getting around to looking forward in my life. Until now, I have been in limbo, crippled and unable to move forward for anything. It is nice to be here again.

It is a strange feeling to stand completely still and watch the world move around you at lightning speed. It feels lonely and sad to be standing still paralyzed by the past. It sucks to feel pain every time I think about Will. But lately, I have been able to think about him and smile and feel good. I think I am going to be fine.


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  1. What and you aren't coming to visit us.... I am so disappointed.