Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Toilet Paper Rockets

We used to sit and build these rockets at night time. All we needed were empty toilet papers rolls and some Kleenex and rocket engines and tape and we could fly you to the moon. We used to always talk about getting in those rockets and flying back through time to our youth and just sitting quietly watching us do it all over again for a while. Then we would come home and enjoy the present as we made a new past with every passing moment.

We sat in my garage one night and wrote a song about it. It was the only song I ever wrote with Will. Took us all night to agree on the wording with the melody. The song is below.

Toilet Paper Rockets
Verse 1
I took a trip down to my stomping grounds
Where we used to sit and say we were happy
I want to be happy again

Everybody's gone and the feeling in the car
We're never going back there
I want to go bak my friend

I (Lost you)let you go, I left you far away
I'm (Caught you)falling high and I'm flying low and I'm
never coming back

Verse 2:
Lying on the grass by the cellar door
Gazing out from toilet paper rockets
I'm sorry your trees are gone

The lights are growing dim on this rocket ship
Take a ride, jump into oblivion
I want to go back my friend

Chorus repeat:

Verse 3
Step into a world of forgotten ghosts
Haunted by all the stories we have made here
The candles have all burned out

Breathing in the rain
And the taste is not the same
We never should have come here
I want to go home my friend

Chorus repeat:

I can't help but to think that we will never watch another movie together or write another song. We will never load into another hole in the wall bar and plug in and fire our hearts through strings again. The names we wrote on the walls of the backrooms in marker are fading and we will never be back to give them their color again.

You got in your rocket when you got on that rope and none of us will ever be the same again. You will always be missing and we will feel it. You are in our memories and those I will lock tighter to my heart than anything else, but we will never sit in a car together again and drive around aimlessly looking at all of the places we have been. Still can't believe your actually gone.


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  1. Your words haunt me, inspire me, challenge me, and break my heart.

    Please keep writing.

    You really need a bigger audience.

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7eMAgv8Vn4

    you should listen to this song.