Friday, January 8, 2010


We invented the game above all games.

A $.50 sticky hand
Index cards each with a numerical value written on them
Adult Diapers

How to play:
There are 10 rounds
Each player gets three shots per round to pick up the most points by flinging the sticky hand at the cards flipped face down.
At the end of each round the points are tallied and the high score of that round shoots first in the next
After 10 rounds, the person with the most total points is the winner

What do you win:
Everyone who doesn't win has to pee their pants

I told you it was the game above all games. There were photographs at Will's funeral. I will post them if I ever get my hands on them. This is how we spent our time. Inventing ways to disturb other people. SnorkleCorking was just one of the hundreds of ways we invented to do this. For the outside looking in, it would seem very off-putting to see such pictures and to here of such a game. But for us, this was the only way to live.

Yesterday in Michigan and most of the east coast and midwest, it dumped gallons of snow on us. Driving around last night, I was reminded of so many times we used this weather to our advantage. We created the street snowboarding league, where we would tie a tow rope to the back of the van and hop in a snowboard and be dragged through the snow covered streets. We even modified the game one time. Our whole construction crew (our jobs at the time) were lazy. We would look for any excuse to not work, so when the snow came, we proceeded to take some of the clothes that had been donated to the homeless we stored in the back of the van and tie them into two ropes. We would then have the van drag us through the streets on our backs battling the other person hanging on to see who was king of the road. If he let go, you win.

You could call us a lot of things and people did call us a lot of things, but you could not argue that we were not creative. We would go from one phase and fad to another, spending all kinds of money on it and then walk away from it, never to do it again. This was our function.

Horse Island was the place we would go to get away and fish. We would always go at night and just sit there. We were terrible fisherman, but those nights we would talk about the things in life that really mattered to us. We would sit on that ledge all night long, sometimes until the sun came up and cast it's light over the water. It was quiet and true. No one could get us there, nothing in life could get to us. This was our spot. I have gone now three times since Will has passed away. Every time, it just feels like we are missing someone. It just doesn't seem right in the world for us. However, I was there alone last week and walked up to the place we used to hide and looked up and snow began to fall like crystal over the earth. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. It wasn't flakes or anything, just a snow mist that caught the light a certain way and sparkled. It reminded me that God is right here with me. He has been doing so much around me to assure me He is more sad than I am, but is here to give me peace and comfort.

It has been 2 weeks today since he was found in that garage, his sanctuary. It has gotten no easier.


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  1. Thanks for the smile. Let yourself mourn.

  2. That is something they can never take away from us Adam, the memories!