Wednesday, December 23, 2009

True Christmas

I came across this tree while exploring in the hills by my house. Under the tree, was all of the belongings of a homeless man. This is what Christmas is about. He didn't have money, he didn't wait in lines for a Wii, and didn't overpay for a zu zu pal or whatever it is called. He laided under that tree and relied on Jesus. Made a Christmas tree out of what he could find and celebrated. Under that tree we found an empty bottle of whiskey, maybe he drank to old times, maybe he remembered when he was a kid and waited eagerly to rip open that wrapping paper...or maybe he never got that luxury. But he did celebrate Christmas the way it should be celebrated, with an empty pocket, looking up at the same sky Jesus did. He found a way, without charging everything. This wrecked me. I worried so much about getting a Wii for my son and was so excited to see him open it, while this guy is excited if he can see another day. It is cold in Michigan, yet he digs up his blankets from the snow covered hill and lays down on them every night, probably wishing his life were completely different, wishing he were us. Me. I believe today, Jesus smiles more on that guy than He does on me.

We fight so hard to fight off the awful feelings we have when we encounter a person who lives the life we have nightmares about. We try to tell ourselves, they deserve it for eating drugs or drinking themselves poor, but sometimes it is us who are in poverty of the heart. Maybe we need to feel for them and do what God says to do for them more than you love yourself. What would you do if you were them? Fix everything, right? Why not try, even if they do not want help?

I am not preaching because I fail at the same thing I am writing about every day. My dream is to care for them as Jesus would, no matter what it meant.


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