Monday, November 2, 2009


What do you think of change? Not coins, but environmental, mental, geographic, proximal?

I have been accused of looking completely different if you go more than 6 months without seeing me.

I will have started a new hobby...playing ice hockey is my current new thing even though I still cannot stop on skates. Last quarter's was cycling. I was training for racing, then I was struck by a truck and now cycling is out of season and I haven't the money for a new bike.

I will have grown or shaved a beard.

I will be wearing something different every time.

I will possess music you have never heard before that will blow your mind. And show you movies that you will immediately buy.

I will be trying to quit saying something, or excessively saying something too much. Words like Amazing, and TWSS. My current word used too much is dah. Ex. I had so much fun on Halloween, trick or treating was just.....Dah.

I need change. I really like it. I will go crazy without it, but I am somewhat of a mental case, so I can't always trust my emotions as being normal. What do you think? Is change a catalyst for excitement and vigor, or does it bring dread and terror to your life. Or somewhere in between?

Laura has a job where most days are different somewhat. She visits doctors and deals with all new problems. She would rather do data entry.


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  1. I love change for some things, but sure and steady is so much better most of the time for me. I get excited to think that something new is around the corner. I want to settle, but there's fire under me that makes me want different. Yeah, I'm confused too.

  2. change can be very exciting, but some things aren't meant to be changed. like, changing spouses or changing underwear, er... what?

  3. The routine here kills me. I can relate.