Monday, November 30, 2009

Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake

Sorry I haven't been writing. I was under the impression that the joy that I felt after I was hit would last forever. I really felt that way, if not just trying to feel that way. But here I am. Still here. Still basking in the grace and glory of my God, yet destroyed inside. It has been just over two months since I have felt ok and I don't want to write all the time when I am down. I don't want to sit and whine all over the internet, puking downers all over your monitors. So I will write about it a little, then back off. The stupid thing is, these are the times I really feel like writing.

Sorry for the last post, I meant it to be a joke, not condemnation, but maybe the joke isn't funny. I will and always will hate when people get into cars while drunk, if you do it, you are doing a very stupid and selfish thing. However, I do not know the woman I was joking about, so it was wrong of me to poke fun of her.

On a lighter note, my mom pulled out my old report cards on Thanksgiving so she could show my wife what a jerk was throughout my entire life, not just now. I can't believe she even still had them. The grades were average, ridiculously average and all of my teachers made a note of that. "Adam is much smarter than this." "If he would stop talking and apply himself, he would be golden." "Adam is a constant distraction, but he is a joy to have around." Stuff like that. My wife told me nothing has changed. She would be right.


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  1. i once got my hat autographed by none other than the "Barber Beefcake". it was at an auto show when i was about 11ish.