Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I go to pick up Caeden from school. When I get there a woman parks her car next to me and keeps looking at me and smiling. I awkwardly turn the other way, and get out of the car and head to the school doors to wait there. She follows. She stands next to me and tries making small talk about the weather or something boring and stupid like that. Her kid comes out first and I am relieved because now she will leave. I got Caeden a few moments later and walk back to the car to find her still sitting in hers. She smiles at me as I glance away. I put my car in drive and start to drive off and as I do I glance over to check for traffic and she is taking a self breathalyzer. Stay classy Southgate.


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  1. And we thought it was a step up from LP.

  2. That is a bit harsh. I guess you can cast the first stone though.

  3. Not really harsh I don't think. I merely pointed out that a person who likes to get into a car while intoxicated, risking the lives of everyone on the road having to take a breathalyzer before she can drive is sooo classy. This is an issue everyone should take exception to, especially when you have lost people to drunk drivers, or is it that we need to forget the dumb things everyone does so we don't risk throwing stones at them. It isn't throwing stones to speak out against evils. Or maybe I am just bias because I was recently hit by a person driving obviously under the influence.

    My post was a joke (only sort of). If you can't laugh, what do you have?

  4. Hey Zombie,
    I wanted to let you know I've changed my blog address:

    It's a sad observation and I'm sure there's a lot more of that sort of thing out there.

  5. Perhaps it was a one time mistake. The embarrassment and reminder afforded by the breathalyzer might save more lives by making it something more people aware.

  6. we have all been that woman at one time or another in our lives.

    she is you, and she is me...she is Jesus.