Thursday, October 29, 2009

Worm's Tribute

Last night was our 9th annual Halloween party at the youth group. One of my students who I have had from middle school until now, a year after she has graduated came dressed as me. It was really weird and uncanny how much she looked like me, even my mannerisms she had down. I never realized what a caricature I am. It was so funny. She could have been anyone else in the room and no one probably would have known who she was. But because I am the way I am, everyone knew right away. I saw her walking up the street and immediately started laughing. She walked like me, talked like me, gestured like me, did odd stances like me, spoke loud like me, leaned on other's shoulders like me, stroked her beard like me, and so on.

Thanks worm for the tribute.


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  1. She is so cute! That's too funny. Hands down, the best costume!

  2. hilarious! for a second, i almost thought that was you! that is the best!