Tuesday, October 6, 2009


You know what is weak? Broccoli. Even weaker? People who live life as if there were no consequences. People who recklessly trample all over another without thought, regard, or apology. A person who probably knows they did it and was wrong, but will never low themselves to apologize. That's so weak.

I can't and won't even talk about the people in the last few years that have just walked all over me without a moment of concern that I have feelings. I won't talk about them because slander is weak. Instead, I will choose to understand that people are people and will always be people who operate on their insecurities and will do whatever necessary to fortify their vulnerability. But as for me and my house, we will remain vulnerable for attack. Because we put ourselves out there. I don't care if people trample me. I don't care if people hurt me. Because I can honestly say that if I am wrong, I do apologize and correct my mistakes. If I am not than I am suffering as Christ suffered. And I rejoice in that. When we expect pain as Jesus told us to, we are not too disappointed when people hurt us. We see it coming because we live putting no one on pedestals. When we get hurt, we forgive, and turn our other cheek to be hurt again. This is the Christian way, because retaliation is weak.

I wish I could say I easily forgive, but I don't. It is a process that I have to practice. Avoiding slander and negative thoughts is a good start. Then add understanding and love to that and you make forgiveness...eventually. I can honestly tell you that the times I have suffered have given me thicker skin.

If you are an abuser and have to show your aggression on others to mask your insecurity. Stop it! That's weak. If you are frequently abused and hold it all in and slander the perpetrator. That's weak too. If you want to drop the gloves with every person that gives you the stink eye. Weak.

Take a step back. Analyze any credence to what the person is saying. Repent of any valid sin, make it right, move on. If there is no credence. Just forgive.


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  1. I always appreciate your thoughts.

    I feel lately like I am constantly being trampled. I needed to read this. Because the truth is - I am not counting it all joy. It hurts deep. Really deep.

    Thanks today for your comment. You have NO idea what it meant to me. My Mom called me up and was like "I LOVE that Zombie" He always says just the right thing.