Friday, October 23, 2009

Sleep Aids

My latest two sleep aids.

So I have a couple of peculiar new scenarios that I have been using to get to sleep, and these two might be the most effective yet. But they beg the question WTH is wrong with me? Seriously. I will post the two scenarios for the psychologists in the room to analyze what they mean.

1. I sleep in a conversion van with a mattress in the back. I am wanted by some kind of devious government agency and I am in some kind of hiding. It has to be winter time and snow has to be covering the van. The van, when running is charging a battery that will run the small TV, radio and heater all night long. I am alone in the van and hidden from the danger of being found.

2. I am also on the run, but in this one, my family is with me and we are hiding in my house in a war torn area that has been deserted. We stay only in the bedroom and have made a secret trap door under the bed that would hide us under the floor in the case of the authorities searching the place. We seem to be safe.

Seriously, why do these messed up scenarios put me directly to sleep? I think it is odd that I am always in some kind of danger from the outside world, but can never be gotten, but haven't the foggiest what that means.


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  1. Lack of sleep is so extremely frustrating. I can't imagine struggling as long as you have. I can imagine why safeness is so important to you right now, but you are safe, God has you right where He wants you. You and Laura have made a beautiful family, you're a good Dad and a good husband, and I've watched you grow as a Christian more than most people I've known for so long. Sleep will come, I think. We'll be praying :)

  2. i guess it is better that you have something that can help you sleep. i guess i am more blessed than i realize cause i never have a problem falling asleep. just ask my wife. sometimes i think i fall asleep in midair while i am falling into bed. rarely, do i have trouble sleeping.