Friday, October 2, 2009


It is fascinating that different perspectives you can get from the same stimuli. One can hear a song and images totally different than others are brought forward, memories that surface, even lost memories, with one second of the right stimuli. The smell of alcohol on ones skin can conjure up different feelings for different people. For one, it brings feelings of nostalgia and joy, for another pain and heartbreak. We all experience things differently. I think that is beautiful. My brother and I were raised in the exact same house under the exact same circumstances. Both of our father's took off, never to be heard from again. We both have issues with abandonment, but when you look at how we have both dealt with those issues, there are stark contrasts. I took the anger and hatred route, while my brother took the forgiveness and desire for reunitement route. Both of those routes have yielded no benefit, but both are completely different reactions to the same thing. These behaviors are interesting.

People should be more open to share what is going on onside of them. Nothing really is personal if you think about it. We really aren't capable of fully hiding anything, so why pretend? Why not live with your guts in the open? Why should we care so much about what others are thinking about you, when we all share similar story lines. We all have something buried, why not dig up that old hag and throw her off the roof?


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  1. Been thinking about this post on perspectives for a few days. I've got to agree, but I just wish it was as easy in practice as it is in theory. I think I am going to write something about this myself.