Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Can't Sing Loud Enough

So Phil Wickham has a new cd coming out and is offering it early on his website. There is this song called "Cielo" where he sings the chorus "I can't sing loud enough, when I am singing to you my Lord." Then later "I can't bow down low enough" Then "I can't reach my hands high enough." This is how I feel today.

If you ever saw "Pursuit of Happiness" you will remember the scene in the end when the guy gets everything he was working so hard and stubbornly for. His eyes fill with tears and he proudly marches down the New York business man streets clapping with joy. I think this is touching because we all long to get what we have always wanted, what we have yearned for all of our lives...Our wedding day, our resurrection, our children's birth. I feel like God had to run me through fire to clean me off, to prepare me for His work. I have been a youth pastor now for 8 years and have always felt this passion for those that are hurting, for those who have been broken into shards, but only now do I really get it. Real joy is really knowing that your life has been lovingly spared for greater purposes, even if just love, the greatest of all. There was that scene in "Fight Club" where Tyler Durden scares the guy and makes him think he is going to die so that when he is spared, life will all of the sudden be beautiful. That is a lot of truth right there. But for me, it isn't being saved from death that does it for me, it is being saved from death by my loving maker...just because He loves me. That is the joy that we need to share with those who don't yet know Christ. The joy that makes you want to clap proudly through the streets for your God and Savior, shout from roof tops...the joy that makes rocks feel compelled to cry out... the joy that makes it Heaven to worship God in His presence eternally.

I know what I am turning into. I am turning into one of those cheese balls that don't seem to know they are acting a fool. I am becoming who I used to avoid, because of my pretension. I am becoming the man God wants me to be.


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  1. great! i think that who you are becoming is awesome :)

  2. Cielo translates as sky in Spanish... I wonder if that has relevance to the song.

  3. The more you sing, the more you inspire people to do the same. Keep singing.