Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Down today. Exhausted from last week and really would like to rest. I took yesterday off, but had the brakes in the car go out completely. Fixed the front two with money I didn't have just to find out the back was the biggest problem as I watched my brake fluid I put in leak all over the ground. Can't fix back brakes, don't know how, can't afford it, don't have the money for a couple weeks. Blah Blah Blah. I was also told I was surrounding myself with the devil, which was nice, because I sang karaoke at a bar in Detroit for Laura's work. Posted it on FB and in came some very ugly comments that I have deleted. I don't get it, why can't people just live and glorify God the only ways they know how and let God's Spirit do the rest? People seem to be content chained up. But for me and my house, we are free!

People seem to have a lot of fun attacking others without knowledge of their hearts or lives at all. It is weird because I have never had a conversation with either of these people and yet they seem to think they know that my heart is evil and live a double life because I went to a bar and sang a song.

It just shows me that we still have a long way to go in the faith and need to continue firm and solid education into God's Word.


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  1. Why do these crazy people thing the devil is personally following you around? You must be very important for him to spend so much time with you. Why can they comment on your facebook? Change your settings.

  2. I hope that doesn't deter you from enjoying some karoke with me and Phil for our birthdays :)

  3. you're all heathens! unless, of course you were singing a song like "Jesus Freak" or "As the Deer". i think the Lord would be alright with that.


  4. I have a couple pictures on my blog that people might think some untrue things about me and how I spend my time. I thought about deleting them, and then I thought, no. I know what I was doing. I was not doing anything wrong. If they are wondering and want to ask me about, they can. Otherwise, it's all gossip and they really shouldn't be jumping to conclusions. If they knew your heart, they'd be silent.