Thursday, September 10, 2009

Who Took My Docs?

Tonight, I literally sat and pondered to myself, where my Doc Martins were that I wore in 1994. Not where in my house, they are long gone, but where are they right now and what are they doing? In some landfill somewhere buried under 150 feet of garbage? On the feet of some grundgy who never left the coffee house and took a shower? I really want this era to come back. I will be trying to bring it back the best I can, but who knows. I will be wearing my flannels all winter and hopefully you will be too!


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  1. 'Member when I bought me 2 pair at the mall! The brown shoes that you liked are cool, but one hurts my foot like nobody knows.

  2. We still have ours. It's ridiculous.

  3. i'll be sporting my XXL Deion Sanders jersey with my pants backward and riding low. this get up is nothing compared to the bling i'll be flashin.

  4. Hey Adam,

    Hope your feeling better.

    Here ya go.

  5. My son has docs. i don't have mine anymore.

    I will wear flannels with you though.

  6. Eddie Vedder would wear Doc Martins!