Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Touring The World

So I was bored and looking through my Facebook and Myspace friends profiles and noticed how many of them have tropical cruise pictures in their photos. I want that! Why not meeeeee! I want to go on a fun and relaxing beautiful vacation to somewhere tropical. Even if there are sharks, I still want to go! My most adventurous pictures are from Mackinaw Island in my home state, or karaokeing on my birthday. These people have pictures from some of the worlds 8 wonders. I want to see things. I want to go there. One of these days I am going to embark on the great American journey, that will span across the US and then the world! I want to see things, like the worlds largest ball of cheese and the pancake that resembles Jesus. I should start speaking around the country. How the heck do you get your foot in that door anyway? I can hype up a bunch of people. I can write a book. Might not be good, but I can write it. I then could use my literary prowess to tour the world instead of sitting here forever in Michigan. Granted that Michigan is one of the most beautiful places, I still want more.

I had a reader from Iceland the other day. I want to see Iceland so bad. Invite me to your house if you are still reading my blog. I will speak to your church about how to get hit by a truck and survive or something, anything to get me there.


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  1. Come to Alaska first! It would be awesome!

  2. yeah, it's kind of like visiting Russia!

  3. K-Dilly ... it isn't like visiting Russia at all, although you can see it from Alaska. In fact, I am an expert on Alaska because I have been to Russia.

    Zomb ... sorry we still are not in FL ... where we were was very tropical .... you could come visit us now and we will show you what we do to Yankee trespassers (how quickly I forget my roots)