Monday, September 14, 2009

My Impact

"What would your church (and the worldwide church)look like if everyone was as committed as you are?""How would you be missed if you left this place?" Francis Chan- Forgotten God

While I have been as quickly as possible making changes to my attitude and mind since my accident, I have also been analyzing my impact on the world around me. Both negative and positive impact. This was inspired while fuming over the liberal media telling us to reduce our impact on the earth. So I said, "Hey I want to do that, I want to reduce my impact." So I rode a bike, then was bludgeoned by an SUV.

Anyway, I have been trying to reduce my negative impact on the world, by reducing the amount of crap that spills out of me on a daily basis. I really want to try not to be a polarizing person. I want to be above reproach, so no one can have any valid bad thing to say about me. I want to decrease my negative attitude and unforgiveness. I want to glow with the power and joy of the Holy Spirit of God that dwells in me. I want it to be obvious.

I, in turn have been trying to increase my positive impact on the world. I want my church to be lost without me. My friends to not be able to make it if I were gone. Joking about that, but you get my point. I want to jump and do something when I see need. I have been examining the question at the top of the page for a couple of days. Truthfully, I think they'd be just fine without me. I hate that and am going to change it. I want them to need a miracle without me. Joking about that but you get my point. Well what would the church both local and worldwide look like if everyone was as committed as you are? I think the church would be pathetic in my case. People would attend, but over extend themselves trying to do too much and not doing anything really well. It would have dreams of doing something great and have potential put there by God, but wouldn't reach that potential, because of it's immaturity. That's how the church full of me would look like. I hate that and am going to change.

I pray that I would listen closely for God, so I don't have to get hit by cars to finally hear Him. I have a lot of work to do. A lot of forgiving to do. A lot of being forgiven to do. I am trying to tell people what is on my mind more as long as it builds them up in love. I needed to tell my mom some stuff, so I did. I need to tell others how I feel about them. Most of all, I have to refuse to waste one more minute of this short life living without joy in my heart. Without joy, our faith is not complete because the Spirit of God gives us joy.

PS. If I have offended anyone in this blog or by this blog at any time in error, or with callous speech, I am truly sorry. I can be far too harsh with my words sometimes. The tongue is the hardest to tame.

PPS. Practicing the fruits of the Spirit is the first step to joy.

PPPS. I love you


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  1. this could have easily been my next blog.

  2. What does "grammer" mean? Did you mean "grammar"? Just wondering!

    Miss you guys and I miss the big "C"!

  3. Mate. This makes me think of It's A Wonderful Life.
    Whatever you think (or thought then) you are making an impact. The world would be very different if you were not in it. By all means strive to make more of an impact but remember you already have.