Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Info Button

Blogs are a weird thing. They remind me of the short synopses you read on your cable channels when looking up info to a show.

"Zombie and the gang get arrested when trying to steal Neosporin."
"Zombie gets hit by a truck, the gang can't stop laughing."
"The gang must help Zombie win a race against time as he put everything off until the last minute again. That zany Zombie!"

One minute you are writing from one mindset, about tulips, and the next blog is about getting hit by a truck, and then the next about how weird blogging seems. I was lying in bed last night and it occurred to me how strange my blog must seem to a stranger and how scattered. A collection of strange occurrences written in no particular order without any lead in or follow-up.

I could stop this, however, this pattern is reflective of me in real life. I am just like those things. Like a skipping, scratched DVD that just jumps into a new scene leaving others confused. I show no context to others often. I think this stems from always having a different mindset, so many moods and dispositions I juggle. Kind of insane really.

Anyway, here is an injury update: Confusing pains in both legs, mainly the right. Swollen elbows that I bump against everything causing shrieks. Lower back looks like I am wearing a black shirt. Some odd pains on my breastbone. Right elbow is even louder when I bend it.

I spent the weekend up north to get some rest, however rest was not gotten. Woke up 2 of 3 nights with nightmares. I failed at relaxation.


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  1. Life is a collection of strange occurances in no particular order...I like the scattered blog, it's more real.

  2. breastbone pain is normal with abnormally high estrogen levels. don't worry, this is a normal finding in women.


  3. K-dogg, you are funny and Zombie... I bet you have nightmares. I would still be having them too. I can't sleep these dsya cuz of the stress of nothing and everything. Explain.. Well, I can't! So much awesome stuff causes stress I guess.

  4. Sometimes life is pretty random, it'd be boring if things didn't happen by surprise. A blog would be like reading a text book otherwise. Anyway hope you mend quickly man.

  5. Blogging is weird. I have been wondering recently why I even do it.