Monday, September 21, 2009


I read the Old Testament often and always wonder how the Israelites could be so dumb and worship other gods, even sometimes directly after God intervening in their lives. Moses has been leading them through the wilderness while God provides their every need including manna from Heaven. He would lead them through stars and fire and miracles only for them to get bored and make golden calves. It never made sense to me, until I was praying last night for God to remove any idols I have put in front of Him. I think I was praying this in jest, I like to joke to God from time to time, He seldom laughs though. As I was praying I took a moment to think about idols. I know I haven't built any calves lately or bowed down to anything but God, so that's all good, but then I get this suspicion that this isn't all to the story. What have I put before Him. I thought about it and listed all of the things that I regularly put before spending time with God in prayer and Bible study and service.

Entertainment- Too often, I would rather watch South Park than pray.
My children- I love them with all I have, but should NOT love them more than God.
Myself- This one I put last, but is first. Laziness and lack of drive and excitement leads me to serve myself often, which makes the lack of drive worse. I ultimately drive to serve myself.

These may not be made out of gold (Like I could afford that), or silver, or bronze, but they are from the same place. They do the same damage. They hurt and enrage God all the same.

I then wondered what toll they may have taken on my old attitude. When the Israelites left Egypt, their journey should have never taken 40 years to get to the promised land. But because of their idol worship and cry-babiness, the original Jews never even made it. Not even Moses, who served himself and disobeyed God.

I can be pretty sure that my idols have held me back, for a long time.

There is nothing wrong with entertainment, nothing wrong with loving your kids, nothing wrong with taking care of yourself, but it is a grave mistake to place anything before our One True God.

He is loving, He is kind, He is fair, He is forgiving, but He is also jealous.


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