Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I have made a covenant with my mouth to speak only when God gives me something to say.

If the Spirit of God were to depart from you taking all of it's fruits with it, do you think you would even notice. This is a question that has been weighing on me. Right now, yes! I believe that right now if He were to depart, I would fall apart immediately. Because right now I am living desperate for Him. I think of Him first thing in the morning and last thing at night. My devotion time is the most intimate I have ever experienced and still I am expecting more. But I am not sure about the past several years. I'm not so sure I would notice a difference at least for a while, and that thought saddens me greatly because I always wanted that relationship with God that I absolutely could not go a day without and those days have come, but they had also gone. I want to be that desperate for Him every day. I want to notice if He turns His face from me and I want to be desperate for Him to look back. I want the relationship Jesus had with His Father as he hung on the cross. He noticed instantly the departure. I am thankful that God will never depart from us because of Jesus, but know that living our lives by the Spirit of God means so much more than we could imagine.


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  1. it's neat to see you hungry for God. i know that some people have a hard time dealing with that in other people ( i think because it makes them aware of their lack of hunger), but i love to see it in other people.
    may you continue to grow in your hunger for Him.