Monday, August 17, 2009

Night Happies

Last night I had this dream, where I moved back into this rat infested house, we used to live in when I was a child. The house was a parsonage that none of the church pastor's would be caught dead living in, so they decided to rent it out. In comes my mother and two little boys. The first rat we saw was in the foyer where you first came in the back door. It was the size of a small cat and was riding my tricycle. My mom called immediately to get the problem fixed, so in American church form, the pastor sent the church janitor to the house with some traps and poison. He got under the crawl space and set them under the house. A week later, the foul stench of rotting cat-like rat came seeping up from under the wooden floorboards. The stink lasted weeks. No answer from the pastor. Once the smell subsided, we thought "At least the rat problem is over with," but we were wrong. I opened the cupboard to get the peanut butter, and what did I see? A rat already making himself a sandwich. We moved out as soon as we could find another dump to rent. This house was a nightmare and brings nothing but bad memories for me. For instance, our only vehicle was a small RV camper. My brother and I loved it. One night, it got stolen by the repo man, never to be seen again. Heartbreak. I hate having these dreams. I always have them too, the ones where your worst nightmares are realized again and again in vivid detail. These are the only nights you do not wake up to use the bathroom, you are stuck.

I hated school so much growing up...still hate it. At least once a month I have a nightmare or "Night terror" of having never graduated and having to repeat grades. Why does this happen? I do not ever, ever have good dreams. And if I did, would we call them nightjoys or nighthappies? Regardless of the word used...someone show me how to have good dreams. Old friends of mine used to tell me that they conduct their dreams and control everything happening in them. Does anyone else do this?


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  1. how sweet would that be?! i wish i could control my dreams. i hardly ever have dreams that i am even aware of. when i do have a decent dream going, i either have to get up to drain the main vein, or a child wakes me up. such a bummer. then, in a matter of a half hour or so, no matter how hard i try to remember a dream, i forget it.