Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Great Biblical Clause

"But it was funny."

My pastor preached last week about these things. Being renewed, without the ways of our old lives. Living wholesome and Godly lives continually being transformed and renewed by the Spirit of God. It was a great talk, maybe one of the best I have heard him deliver.

Or maybe, just maybe I was impacted because I am guilty of sticking a foot in the waters of my old life. I can't tell you how many times, I spent useful time on things that give no glory to God and no real benefit to me or my spirit. But then said in hindsight, "But it was funny."

Does the ability to laugh at something negate the lifestyle we are called too? I don't think it does. Don't get me wrong, I am not and will never be a legalist. I have seen and found God's glory in a rated R movie and I have also seen blasphemy in a rated G movie. It is the matter of the heart and always takes our own discernment that God has given us to figure out what is appropriate or not. This goes for TV, Music, Food, jokes, and anything else that has the potential for sin.

When we keep one foot in the world, we stunt our spiritual growth. We slow down our momentum as we run the race God has plotted for us. Just like hitting potholes slow you down.

Our faith is about being transformed and renewed always. Unfortunately we do not always recognize when something we enjoy is hurting us.


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