Monday, August 10, 2009

The Church Of Who?

I wonder what church Jesus would attend if He lived here today? Which denomination if any? Would He start his own church? The name: Church of Jesus Christ is taken. Church of the Nazarene is taken. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint is taken. Church of Christ is taken. What would He do?

I wonder if He would be sad that His story and Word is not enough for our culture. That we feel the need to add entertainment and glitter to everything bearing His name. We can't sing and dance together in celebration without the $20,000 sound system or the arena full of people and emotionalism while lights dance across the ceiling and smoke is generated to create mystic. Can't we just celebrate and sing together without all that. Do we need carnivals at our services? Is that what people really need? If I want to go get entertainment, I will go to the movies, or a concert. I go to church for meaningful relationships with people deeply in love with God. We could do this thing in a basement with no PA. God is enough. His story is amazing enough without souping it up with artificial sweeteners. This is what people really need in a church.

Here is a list of things prevailant in the church that we don't need and should purge.
Pride, Arrogance, Dishonesty, Disloyalty, Fickleness, Shadiness, Sketchyness, Mona Vie products, T-shirts with our church name written on them, or worse yet, the pastors picture, Arguments, Excessive entertainment, Smoke machines, The Power Team, and Divorce.

This list is not comprehensive, but you get the picture.

I want to see the church who feels unworthy to says God's name, yet rejoices in our right to be children of God. A church where no one has it all figured out, but we plod together following just the Bible. I think Jesus would attend, obviously as the pastor.


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  1. I'm sending this to my pastor - this is something my church needs to read.

  2. Could I please add Church Invite cards with Kevin and Jennie as the poster children?

  3. i agree, church, and the world in general, would be much better off without Mona Vie products.

    i do remember that Steven movie. it was horrible.