Thursday, August 6, 2009

Calling Out Lance

Busy, Busy, Busy says the bad magician who tried to melt Frosty in the cartoon. Not a really inspiring time to write lately, just so much going on. This has been one of the busiest summers I can remember and I am feeling a bit tired. So much for a nice break while school was out. On the upside I found that cycling is something I really enjoy. I also love to compete, but never have anything to compete at. So I will be training for next year's Tour De France. I also am an extremist and exaggerator. Pat got me an old road bike from Grand Rapids he is bringing home with him and we will be doing some riding mostly at night. Hopefully I will be competing with Lance soon enough.

Is it ok to trash talk Lance before you are good or know anything at all about cycling? I think it is. Lance I am coming for you. What kind of name is Lance anyways? Nice spandex. Live strong and stretchy. Enjoy looking at my butt Lance because that is all you are going to be seeing coming up here some time soon.

I hope Lance reads my blog.


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  1. Lance lost this year so I think you have a chance.

  2. flippin funny! i too believe it is alright to trash talk Lance. in fact, it is better to do so now when you don't know about the torturous training bicyclers go through.

    i hope you invested in a comfy bike seat.

  3. You need a motto to compete against Lance. And a color. Spring green?