Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Where God Is

This week is our annual Vacation Bible School service project with Liquid. I seemed to have forgotten from last year how much I love these kids. We volunteer at an inner city Detroit church to facilitate their VBS every year. God lives here. The streets are littered, the houses burned down or boarded up, and the people are mostly immigrants. Most of the kids have nothing, just little poor kids from the neighborhood, but so full of life and personality. It still amazes me that I live 10 minutes from where they sleep every night, some squatting in abandoned houses.

It is a reminder that this is where Jesus lives everyday. We have been given the opportunity to make a difference in these kids and show them that God loves them and looks to redeem everything around them.

There is this one little girl who lives down the street who comes every year. We know from one of our staff social workers that she isn't in the best situation she could be in. We know just from looking at her. My friend and I watched her walk home down a street we would never let our kids walk on alone to a home that was probably unfit to live in. It is heart wrenching to watch her go, and he says "If I followed her home, I would not sleep tonight." We all feel the same way.

No one thinks about her. We go about our lives everyday worrying about stupid things as she struggles to maintain. But this is where Jesus lives. Not in the stain glass. Not in the church buildings or creeds. Not in our greed. Jesus lives in the hearts of these kids. It would do us a lot of good to remember that faith isn't about us, it is about reaching out our hands to those who suffer.


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  1. adam,

    it has been a beautiful thing to get to know a little bit of you and laura's passion for the Lord and His people. i pray that you both would never lose that. the way you guys serve is inspiring.
    it is an honor to get to know you both!

  2. I am stuck in the "If I followed her home, I would not sleep tonight." I ache. It is not about us, it is about the lost, the poor, the orphaned, the widowed. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. It makes me feel sick. But you know that. I could probably do something...but I don't know if that would make it better...