Friday, July 10, 2009

This Is My Suicide Letter

Edited more footage of the movie I have been working on. For those who don't know which shouldn't be too many. I wrote and co-directed a movie based on my life. I know. We went through the editing schedule and turns out we will be done with initial editing in 3 weeks, then will be recasting for a couple new scenes and then we are done. Hoping to finish and have a premiere in October. Here is a teaser for the movie.


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  1. is the guy sitting on the ledge supposed to be you? he did the eye twitch of yours!
    how exciting, adam!
    superstar! (no go make out with a tree)

  2. He is supposed to be me...ish

  3. How about some other scenes or teasers that we haven't already seen for 3 years?

  4. Can't show them yet and we don't want to devote time we could be finishing the editing to making another teaser. We will release a full trailer when the movie is finished.

  5. wow. You are crazy talented. Can't wait to see more.

  6. Thx Courtney. Can't wait to be finished. When I get it done, I'll send it to you.