Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I complain a lot about having to work from home all the time alone. I assume I spend plenty of time in solitude and need more noise, but then tonight I went on a bike ride at 11 PM down side streets where it is quiet and remembered how noisy I am alone all day. I type and type and search and search all while the television is on in the background like an annoying friend that speaks to you while you are trying to concentrate on something. All day. Also, I have itunes in my ear, a cell phone texting me and sending out, Facebook, Twitter, Email, and calls. All day. I may be alone, but I am not in solitude, I am not at peace. There is a quiet that is also peaceful; "Peace and quiet." I could have ridden that bike all night, except my seat sucks and the butt was killing me. I tried the dangerous trick of lifting my arms to the sky and closing my eyes. I even gave prayer a go. It was really nice.

It would benefit me to learn to be quiet like in a library; for once in my chaotic life use my indoor voice.

Noise= I love it...And hate it

Silence= I love it...And hate it

It is good to find a nice little balance between the two. To live New York and Wyoming. I used to take walks when I was a drunk every night. I wonder why I gave that up with the drunkenness? I think the walks were a good thing, a great way to unwind and put things into perspective. If you only leave your house to get somewhere, you are missing out on life. We often forget the things in between running and retreating. There are moments hidden in the middle that you remember for a life time. I remember every step of the walks I used to take, but I can't remember what I did two weeks ago at all.

Find a way to be nowhere. Breathe in real air, not just the stuff recycled though your home vents. Talk to strangers about politics and religion. Hold the door open for old women. Spend some time alone and be different for a minute.


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  1. Can't think about all that while running.

  2. i just went on a walk with the wife to no particular destination. it was great. this is the second time we actually had someone come over while the kids are in bed just to go for a walk together. we liked it so much that we decided to do this on a regular basis. it's just a good time to actually talk without the constant kids or distractions at the house.

  3. Talking to strangers is fun!