Monday, June 22, 2009

Land of The Lost Cause

I wish I could tell you a hundred stories of the "Lost cause" turning it all around. I wish I could tell you two stories. Unfortunately I do not know of many, but I do know of one and that's all it takes.

My best friend took a deep sigh of relief when I confessed Christ sighting that he was scared I was the anti-Christ. Seriously. My mom called me Satan and my friends my imps. My principle at school tried to expel me a half dozen times only to find me sitting at my desk the next day due to my mom's friendship with the Boss. My friend "The Body" used to come over and help me to my bed from whatever I was passed out on or wrapped around most nights. He would then sleep on the recliner chair in my room to make sure I didn't die.

As the guy that was the lost cause, I now know how hard it is to be a friend to one. We are selfish, foolish, self-destructive or just destructive, and rude. It is easy to walk away from us, and impossible to hang around. You pray for us, you give us sound advice which we spit on, you help us with no expectation for anything in return, and you love us more than we love ourselves which is the base of the problem.

Tori Amos, yes I like her said in a song: "When you gonna make up your mind? When are you gonna love you as much as I do?"

I think my friends echoed those lyrics and I heard them, just didn't believe them yet. That is where Jesus does His work, in the broken and doubtful. He gave me people to love me, and worked in my heart to show me how much He loved me. Eventually He spoke too loud for me to ignore and I came around and my relationships started repairing.

In turn, I have been given Lost causes to love. They frustrate me, but mirror what Jesus did for me and that makes it easier to love them.

Don't give up on the Lost cause. Pray for them and don't judge them. Give them unconditional love as Jesus does and be positive, because God is at work. That is a good reason to be positive.


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