Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Remember This Day

Last night in my small group, the topic of Jewish festivals came up. One of the greatest things about Judaism is their religious holidays, most of them that is, some are fulfilled with the coming of the Messiah. So many times in the Old Testament, the Jews were told by God to remember this day because...Whatever the reason, God wanted them to remember what He had done for them on that day. Why? Because we easily forget. False religions have been started and grown to enormity because someone forgot what God had done, both for them and their ancestors. So we go from Adam and Eve, the first human creations, who walked with God, to parts of the world who have never heard of the True God, to areas dominated by Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. Because someone forgot to tell their kids that God cares.

Why have we stopped celebrating in Christianity? What God did for the Jews, He did for us too because it is the story of God. If God loved the Jews so much to give manna from Heaven, and pillars of light to follow, and separating of large bodies of water, He loves us enough to repeat, He did those things for us too.

My church came up with the idea of Spiritual birthday parties. At first I thought it was cheesy, at least the name is, but given some thought, shouldn't we celebrate and remember what Jesus did for you personally? I think we owe it to God to remember and celebrate, not just on Easter and Christmas that have become something different, but personally celebrate. Why don't we celebrate?

If you can't remember any actual dates, make them up and celebrate the sign posts of God in your life.

Mine are:

October 15, 1997- The day God pulled me off a set of train tracks
October 18, 1997- The day I surrendered, and was resurrected.
December 20, 2000- The day God called me to lead through servitude of the church

Make your list. Celebrate these things and never forget what God has done for you and how you have been transformed by His Spirit. Every time I think about lying down on cold train tracks hopeless and scared, and alone, I shiver. I talk non stop most days and have no problem expressing myself, but when I try to talk about what God did that day, I struggle to find words. The day my heart was broken was the best day of my life and the transformation that followed put me face first to the floor. How could I forget? God's hand personally saving me, and over the years, I have forgotten so many times just how amazing God's love is. I think we have to practice to keep our memories in tact, we have to celebrate and revisit the places God has been in our lives, at least the ones we noticed Him in.

If you feel comfortable, post your dates.


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  1. What an awesome idea. I have to go look up my dates. I don't know them off hand.... kind of sad... huh?

  2. it is a good idea. i found this same idea in my Legacy Bible. i will be recording them in the Bible, and they will be there for my kids to read about in the future. my hope is that my kids will see that i loved Jesus, the Word, and he loved me too. God is good. we should take the time to remember, and celebrate his goodness.
    great post!