Thursday, May 28, 2009


I have a theory that music can be a determining factor for the mood you are in right now, and can change your mood, depending on the emotional impact certain songs have on you, or memories cataloged in your brain and triggered by a specific song, or smell, or whatever. So that being said, I do believe that choosing your music needs some discernment. In fact this is central to everything I am going to talk about over the next few days. Use discernment. Don't be dumb. Seek God in everything.

There is a Christian culture out there, started mainly in youth group subcultures and perpetuated by their youth pastors, that seeks to separate everything Christian from everything secular. Some take these to extremes such as having a secular cd bonfire, and others are a little more mild like hanging those cheesy posters up that tell you what Christian artist to buy if you like a particular secular artist. Kind of like a Christian designer impostor guide to music. There are a few problems with this attitude. 1. The impostors suck really bad. 2. Music cannot be Christian. I will repeat on the next line for dramatic effect.

Music cannot be Christian.

Music is barren and soulless. It has not confessed sin or been regenerated by the Holy Spirit. A G chord played by Jars of Clay is the same G chord played by Gwar. No more holy, no more inspired, no more angelic. Music is music.

Where discernment comes into play is in the lyrical content of the music. Some guys sing about joy, some pain, some everyday life, some sex, some hate. Just like anything else you allow into your body, if it poisons you personally, do away with it, not by fire though please, we are not called to be book burners. It is simple common sense that you should get rid of the things that hurt you and bring you down. But we are not to be everyone's judge of what they can or can't listen to. I enjoy listening to Tupac. After a while, I realized that listening to the violence and hatred in some of his lyrics sometimes changed my demeanor, sometimes not. I stopped listening so much. There is an obvious difference in the result of our own demeanor if we listen to David Crowder than if we listen to Tupac.

Worship music is also not Christian.

The lyrics insight worship and personal reflection and have positive results on our faith. I think this is unique to Christianity. Worship music is not trying to rip off some secular band, it is insighting reflection on God. But it cannot be Christian. Nothing mystical happens when you here it. It does not bring transformation, but is a tool of God to deepen your faith.

I say listen to the music you like unless it hurts you or is overtly blasphemous.


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  1. That's what I was gonna say (yourmoms) Amen again.

  2. So I can listen to hillbilly music? Awesome. I'll click on my blog and start now.

  3. Music is a very powerful medium, agreed mate. And, unfortunately I tend to use it unwisely. But the way it dictates your mood is amazing.

  4. Good thoughts.

    I love music. I love really good music. And I have been judged for some of the music I like. Again it is just another way for Christians to be legalistic.