Monday, May 18, 2009

The Kid Next Door

This little guy lives next door to us. He has come from a sorted background and we will just say, he has been forced to be raised by his extremely old grandparents. They are great, but don't really have the energy required to fulfill all of the needs of a 6 year old.

The kid is bored. All the time. So bored that he has taken to standing outside our front window as the above picture denotes, asking for Caeden to come out and play. All day long, he stands here. If Caeden tells him, he is not allowed, he tells Caeden to come anyway, and if we have anything to say about it, he will punch us in the faces, or shake us to and fro. He does bad things. He takes his grandpas trash and throws it on our lawn. When we make him remove it, we wake up the next morning to find it right back where he had thrown it, or hidden somewhere else in our yard. He tries our patience. Last month he hit Caeden in the face with a toy sword just for fun, so we banned Caeden from playing with him for 2 days. The kid came to the window and begged Caeden to forgive him for betraying him. It was cute, but frustrating.

Confession: I once last week told him I was going to call the cops if he didn't leave, because he had been out there so long shouting for Caeden. I even grabbed my phone and pretended to call as he ran away. Horrible, I know. He watches television through our front window and talks all through the show. It takes all the patience in the world for us to remind him that we like him and he is worth so much, but has got to stop doing these things.

He reminds me much of a kid I grew up next door to named Joey Drum. He used to come over every day and bang on the door asking for me, and I didn't play with him too often. He would shout through our windows for me and we would just ignore him.

My mother ran a day care and had nap time everyday which she took advantage of and slept as well. Joey Drum came over on the wrong day and she opened the door and stuck a gun in his face. Yes, a real live gun my brothers ex-father used to start races. Joey never returned to my house. I was glad. But let's just say my mom is colorful. Sorry Joey, if you ever Google your own name and see this. My mom should have never pull that gun on you.

The kid next door may drive us insane or teach us patience. Either way, I am not going to buy a handgun until the problem has resolved itself.


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  1. I especially like when he moves my yard decorations to our other neighbors yard.

    He's a plant to teach us patients. Poor kid.

    I wish I was more like Caeden. He handles him so well.

  2. Send this kid to Korea. He'd stop real fast. LOL

  3. Hi K- Dogg it's Laura. On Adam's blog. I just accidentally deleted your comment. I think it went something like this....

    "He sure is a formidable foe."

  4. Maybe he is just looking at your gutters in that pic? Is that a crime?

  5. Prayers for the kid next door. He obviously is one hurting little guy.

  6. thanks Laura! that sounds right.

  7. Poor kid. Poor you guys. Laura tells me about him all the time.