Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I have been compared to the Roman empire. (Which is kinda flattering given it's dominance) (But sucks given it's evils)
I have been called a Philistine.
I have been told I may be headed to the hell, by some other youth pastors.

All because of my disdain for legalism. I will spend a few blogs explaining my views on different topics that Christian circles debate about. Before I begin, remember I am an idiot sometimes. I am not always right. I do have feelings. I do not desire pointless debates, which is why I am taking the time to explain my views now. I will keep them brief for the readers sake.

Today, I will talk about entertainment.

I think entertainment is great. Some Christians think it is sin and Jesus never would condone spending time doing something other than what your mission to the world requires. I have sympathy for this view in that there is not a whole lot of Biblical evidence for Jesus at play time. But I believe given a limited amount of space to write down the life of Jesus, what He did for enjoyment or to unwind was not important enough to note. I hardly think the God that stretched out a horses head to make a giraffe or put duck feet on a platypus was against entertainment and fun.

Some think that there should be rules and restrictions to the forms of entertainment we choose. Such as no rated R movies, no violence or sex, no secular music, no swearing etc. Surely Jesus would not be caught dead in places that had bad language or alcohol, except that He went there first. Jesus was called a drunkard and a glutton, and a friend to sinners if I recall. Jesus allowed loose women to wash His feet, hung with a zealot revolutionist, turned water into wine...good wine, and yes it was real wine with real alcohol, not some O'Doulls non alcoholic brew He cooked up to keep people from sinning. Do I think Jesus likes vulgarity? No. Do I think he shrinks away and judges those that use it? Even more no. While we have the responsibility to use discernment when choosing our entertainment, being sure to cut off the things that cause us to sin as the Bible is clear about, there are no rules as Paul notes when he says everything is permissible, but not everything beneficial. It is a matter of the heart, which gives no one the right to judge anyone by their own standards outside of what the Bible actually says. If there is a sin issue that is clearly interpreted from the Bible, approach the person and correct them in love, not in self righteousness, and don't go to the lead pastor first before you talk to the person, this is gossip and slander. On the all other things, discernment must be used, this is the job of the Holy Spirit who convicts, encourages, and restores the sinner. Righteousness and holiness is achieved through faith, not through our merits. If you burn with lust, don't watch something with situations that will fuel that issue. If you play a violent video game and it makes you beat up and steal peoples cars, don't play the game. If you are an alcoholic, don't drink even one drop of alcohol, or be around it at all.

Amputate the things that cause sin, but don't assume you are the judge of what is sin outside of clear Biblical reference. This is self-righteousness which can ruin the Christians testimony faster and more effectively than any beverage, movie, or cd you could ever listen to.


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  1. well said. one of my favorite issues is tattoos. it makes me crazy that Christians will get bent out of shape about tattoos of all things. talk about something that has no bearing on anything (unless your tats show much love for Satan). besides that, the bible doesn't condemn it either with the exception being for those who are doing it as a form of pagan worship.

    i don't personally have any tats, but i'd run out and get one if i could think of something creative enough to be a permanent part of my amazing body.

  2. Well put .

    I often think legalism is the very thing that causes so many in the world to hate Christians. It is Satan's tool to keep people from coming to Christ. My brother often references the hypocrisy he sees in the church as his reason for not believing.

    We shy majorly away from all forms of legalism. We too have been criticized for things we do.

  3. That was deep anonymous.

    Us Christians tend to be people of extremes. Then again, maybe that's part of the human experience and not just for Christians. On such topics (entertainment, alcohol, so called swearing, etc.) we tend either toward either addiction or abstention. The solution to such issues really isn't about either, but about REDEMPTION and moderation.

    In what we do, we need to be discerning as to whether what we're doing is done in faith, in good conscience and to the glory of God.

    Good stuff man.