Monday, May 4, 2009

Chicken Still Rules

I'm not in love with Talapia. Wanted to like it, I really did. Bought some preseasoned and marinaded Talapia from Trader Joe's, which may be the best grocery store in the history of. They sell all organic and inflate the prices only slightly. I got the fish, put it on the grill, even read up on the best way to cook it. Got is off the grill and took a couple bites. I got that weird feeling you get when you are chewing on something that is not terrible in taste, but for some reason really grosses you out and you may puke if you swallow what you are chewing. My family liked it a lot, but me not so much. Such a bummer because I do not eat much red meat, mostly chicken.

Chicken soup
Chicken breast ( ;-) I said breast)
Chicken ice cream
Chicken fried rice
Chicken salad
Chicken smoothies
Chicken cake

You get the picture. Although a versatile meat, chicken can only be enjoyed so many times a day, and in so many ways.

Fish is just so trendy to like. I wish I could be trendy in that way.

Anyway for no reason at all, here is what I have eaten so far today:
2 packets of organic oat meal-Blueberry
1 tablespoon of raisins
a small turkey and roast beef sandwich w/lite ranch
1 half a cup of fresh fruit
1 half a cup of pasta salad
32 ounces of water
12 ounces of extremely unhealthy diet cola


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  1. As C said about the Talapia "that was the best chicken I ever had".

    I think this is as trendy as I get.

  2. My friend eats that fish at Applebee's, she says it is very good but she's not convinced me.... it isn't hillbilly food. We need a Trader Joes downriver.

  3. It would take an hour to post what I've ate in a day.

  4. I hate that feeling that you just cannot chew your food for one more minute. That happens to me every so often when I am eating meat.

  5. Toss Tilapia in olive oil, season with a fair amount of lemon pepper, and bake. When you are ready to serve it, squeeze fresh lemon juice over it. Believe me, it is the ONLY way I can eat it. kids love it that way.

  6. I'm making you guys some salmon.