Saturday, May 30, 2009

Broken Cat

I hate cats. Period. However, this morning on the way to get coffee before Caeden's baseball game, I missed my turn and took the long way. While taking this wrong way, I happened upon a black cat lying in the road with broken legs. It was wearing a leash collar, but no tags or anything, so this was someones pet. I watched as people drove by, looked at the horror that was this cat and kept going. I must tell you that it had nothing to do with feeling bad for the cat, because I didn't, but I looked at the cat and saw sad little kids missing their pet, or an old widow woman who had nothing left but this cat. So I pulled over in front of the cat so no one could hit it again and called animal control which was closed. Laura then called the police and they sent a car. We waited for 15 minutes as drivers drove up to the cat, looked at it and gave us the dirtiest looks as they passed by. We had no idea what everyone's problem was, we were trying to help. Then we realized how it looked with our car directly in front of the wounded cat: It looked like we did it. The cop showed up and proved to be worthless in the situation. I got out, and he said, "I can't touch that thing, I'm allergic." "Me too." says me. "How about her" (pointing to my wife). "Nope, she's allergic too." "Well, I'll send a cop car and if it gets run over, it gets run over."

A guy walked over and moved the cat to the side of the road and when we came back later, it was gone, so cat saved or dead, I do not know.

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