Friday, May 29, 2009


Vanity is tricky. There is a fine line between vanity and confidence. I am not an expert on the issue as I have been labeled, possibly fairly, a narcissist, conceited, and cocky. I don't see it this way, but what conceited, cocky, narcissist does? I am confident. If I were choosing teams, I would choose me. I am not proud though. Most things about myself, I dislike and I see where my sin fits in to the grand scheme of things. How does this relate to appearance?

Most issues with appearance are based on vanity issues, others are based on lust issues. I will be brief with this issue.

I don't think God cares what you look like. If he did, He would not have went to crazy John in the desert to baptize Him, He would have sought out a Pharisee. He didn't mention the way some of the women who came to Him looked in their Hollister gear. He simply did not put much stock in the way people looked.

My mom used to make me wear the dumbest things to church, things that make me cringe now to look at. A tight dress shirt and pants with a tie pinned to my shirt in the middle and suspenders. She always said that God desired our best. I am sorry mom, but I do not consider the crusty suit in the back of my closet my best. My best, I wear often because it is my best, I like it most. So when I dress for church, I wear what I wear, and possibly will be wearing my kilt soon, to shake things up a bit. I haven't worn it out in some time now.

Lust is a different issue. Men, if you are wearing your tightest leather pants to show off your blessed McNuts to the world, you possibly will cause some lust. Keep your privates private and there will not be an issue with your appearance causing people to stumble. Ladies, you know what some of you do.

As a culture, we put too much on appearance. Studies show that good looking people get more money, more jobs, and more breaks than the less that good looking people. We will ignore someone who we do not find to be attractive and follow charismatic people because of their appearance. Both, I believe Jesus would disapprove of. He may have been a pretty ugly guy.


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  1. mcnuts!... sounds like a kissing cousin to mcnuggets. what part of the chicken are the nuggets anyway?

  2. What is with the tight pants on guys these days?

  3. Not to be confused with girl nuts.

  4. blessed Mcnuts. Oh my.