Friday, April 3, 2009


What do you believe about war? There are so many views that it is hard to keep track of. What is yours and how has your faith shaped what you believe?


  1. I'm confused about war. I think we should be able to help other countries, but not at the expense of people's lives.

  2. I think we should protect the innocent. We should protect those who are being treated inhumanely. Shame on us if we have the power to protect and we do not.

  3. I concur with the Burkulater. Sometimes unfortunately that can mean war in one way or another.

  4. God basically told his people to go to war at times. so i guess there is such a thing as a time for war. however, it is sort of hard to see God approving of the wars of recent history with the exception of ww2, and maybe Iraq. not sure even about the Iraq one but God has exercised his judgment through war in the past.

    another thing is that Jesus never spoke of war as being good, nor did his followers. maybe God was done with war after he sent his son. sort of like being done with flooding the earth. i really don't know but i really think that it was right to kill those crazy nazis and free the jews. in those types of cases, i think God would want us to come to the aid of the oppressed.

    not sure if any of that made sense.